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Advocating and Training Leaders in Telehealth (Places Sam's Been Teaching Telemedicine)

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Hi, I'm Sam

I work with physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinicians in private practice using step-by-step methods for quickly planning, and setting up a successful telehealth program the right way. 

I’ve been implementing telemedicine for 10 years in 5 states, across 19 specialties. I've trained over 700 clinicians from MA to doctor.

I have a proven process for success. Let me be your resource to all things telehealth. 

I serve clinicians so they can serve patients. 

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No Matter Where You Are In Your Journey, I'm Here to Serve

Nothing lights me up more than hearing about your first telehealth patient visit. Well, maybe your 100th, but each and every visit is an opportunity to connect and serve.

Once you experience the freedom that video visits can bring to your practice, you'll never go back.

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Stuck and need support to solve a problem, gain clarity on next steps, develop a strategic plan of attack, nail down reimbursement, or learn how to get more patients into your program.

Telehealth can be a thriving part of your practice today!

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Prefer 1:1 Service to Implement

Need a Specialized Program

FQHC, Community Mental Health Centers need assistance for telehealth


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Discovery Call 

Complimentary Telehealth Strategy Call

Hop on a quick Zoom call with me to get unstuck and reduce overwhelm about your next steps with your telehealth service.


Dr. Janice Campbell DOM, LAc, ADS

"I was paralyzed by indecision and fear of doing it wrong, not getting all the pieces in place.

After just our first class, I was already feeling more confident and was brimming with ideas."

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Nikki - Neurology

"We launched the video visits in 90% of our patients 2 weeks ago.

We were certainly in a better position to launch than our colleagues, some of whom are now unemployed, closed their practices, or have yet to launch a video visit platform."

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Andrew Parker - Founder, Papa - Family On-Demand

"Sam is a subject matter expert on all things telehealth including tech, workflow, integration, provider services, regulatory landscape, and others."


Sam I Am Innovates

Video Show

Ready to Dive In and Learn How to Do Telemedicine? 


Sam I Am Innovates tackles big questions on virtual care. Each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important strategies to start, grow and improve a successful telehealth program.

I give real world examples you need to get your program off the ground.

Along with sharing hacks to get started, I interview doctors, nurses & health innovators who share their first hand experiences and tips of the trade. Check out one of the episodes below.

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