2 Physician Assistant Use Cases for Video Visits - #30

COVID-19 is crushing private practices. MGMA reported private practice volume is down 55% and May is anticipated to be even worse. Many providers are new to telehealth and unsure of what to treat. You're here to heal and telehealth can feel like you're stuck seeing patients in a less than ideal way. No one wants to provide bad patient care.

Social distancing turned your practice upside down. It's hard to know where to even start. On today's episode of Sam I Am Innovates I’m joined by Hina Mazharuddin, Physician Assistant. She’s explaining how she rapidly transitioned the obesity practice to telehealth.

Hina’s been a Physician Assistant for 11 years. She’s worked in family practice, urgent care, retail health, outpatient orthopedics/occupational medicine, pain management, aesthetic medicine and obesity/preventative medicine.

She’s been practicing telemedicine since 2018 in urgent care and helped implement telemedicine to her current clinical practice of obesity medicine during COVID-19.

She also serves as an executive board member for the P.A.V.M.T. - PAs in Virtual Medicine and Telemedicine and teaches PA students about telemedicine.

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It’s too bad it took a pandemic for wide scale adoption of telehealth. Learn the right way to do telehealth to increase your confidence and clinical skill.

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